I have some great news for you today

– This is a special re-marketing ad created for a specific group of people –

After the huge success we had with Publishing Addict in 2016 and our author website services (we helped hundreds of NYT Best Sellers, but also authors just starting out)
We are now taking everything we’ve learned and all the feedback and we are preparing to launch Publishing Addict 2.0 – due in 24 July
So what’s the good news for you…
We want to make you, our success case study!
Starting today, as of right now, we’ll take in 10 new clients  to help increase their book sales and their author brand.
We plan to showcase YOU as a case study on our website once we launch.
We will take in the first 10 authors/clients and offer them direct access to our team of developers, designers and marketing specialists. They’ll get:
  • A brand new author website/book selling system – worth $2650+
  • Advice on improving your author platform – and how to sell more using the internet
  • A landing page to grab newsletter subscribers – (sample 1sample 2)
  • One premium bespoke platform for your website, easy to use – worth $249
  • Premium stock photography worth up to $500
  • Custom logo design (typography) – $200
  • A complete branding kit (for the latest book)  worth $149 – sample here
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram marketing materials – done for you
  • Advanced Facebook ad campaign (we have spent over $200k in Facebook ads alone, we know what we are doing)
  • A sales funnel
  • Email Marketing and lead generation set up
  • Set up a remarketing campaign and offer you $150 bonus in ad spent


Total value – $5,000+
And… You don’t need your credit card to apply. This is not going to cost you more than a couple of hours of your time, but it will pay back huge dividends.
There is a catch though…
But ONLY if you absolutely love the work we did for you… then you will have to sign up to our service and pay a HIGHLY discounted fee for the work we did and also write an in-depth review of the service and the results we provide.
There is no risk
If you are not happy, but I mean really happy with the work we did you don’t have to do anything.
You win either way…
To show you that we are serious and mean business we‘ll let you keep most of the work we do for you and I  will even send a nice bottle of fine Italian wine to say thanks.
You get the wine if you stay as well 🙂
So your next stepsa
a. Here is what you need to qualify:
  • Have 3 or more books published
  • Have a Facebook page and a Twitter account
  • Have a professional author picture
  • Each of your books should have a short description
  • Minimum 10, 5 star book reviews
  • Author Bio – well crafted – short and long
  • Finally you need to act quick. We only have 10 spots and they will go fast
b. After you have qualified:
  • Send all the information we need to get started (you’ll be contacted by my team)
  • Respond to any emails from us in regards to the project in 24 hours or less so we can complete the project in time.
  • Provide us with the needed login details, website etc
  • Send us quality full resolution pictures
So if you want 2017 to be an amazing year for your books apply here:
(it’s a form you need to complete)
Radu and the Whole Team at Publishing Addict
(315) 670-7274